Terms & Conditions

The cooperation of the respective manufacturer / supplier / provider with the Hellenic products portal (HP briefly) automatically means accepting its terms and conditions, which are the following:

a)The producer / supplier / provider listed on the HP Portal is solely responsible for the content of the information communicated (texts, photos, videos, etc.)

b) The producer / supplier / provider declares that he accepts and allows his content to be reproduced on HP’s social media.

c) All contact details regarding producers / suppliers / providers (addresses, telephones, website, emails etc.) are based on the information they have given us so are solely responsible for their correctness.

d) Producers / suppliers / providers are responsible for the complete and proper distribution of their products / services to the purchasers-traders.

e) HP is not responsible for any customs duties imposed on the products but also for any withholding by the customs authorities of the countries of destination.

f) HP is not liable for any loss or loss of production, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of entitlement to compensation.