Frequent Questions

The web portal hellenic-products.com is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized and large Greek and Cypriot companies that produce products and services that wish to grow in both domestic and foreign markets.

  1. a) Via the Hellenic products web site which will initially operate in 2 languages ​​Greek and English. Other languages ​​will be added in the near future for easier communication with more overseas markets. Hellenic products will also contact members and its services through various promotions like Google Awards, Social Media, email marketing, banners on various sites etc.
  2. b) With visits and participations of Hellenic products in various exhibitions abroad.

c) Direct communication of Hellenic products with merchants and agents abroad.

We, the people of Hellenic products, having deep faith in Greek entrepreneurship, want to help promote the Greece Branding worldwide.

 So, by combining supply and demand on a web portal, our goal is to promote Greek    businesses.

Very easy and very fast !!!

 After contacting us either by phone or electronically we begin the process of collecting the  informations we need (Logo, Business Name, Addresses, Telephones, E-mail, Contact Person, Website, Photos, Videos, Directories or Prospectus etc. a).

Upon completion of the collection of all required informations, the hellenic products team will post all of your information on its website.

Finally, after selecting one of the collaboration packages we recommend, you are now an active member of hellenic products.