www.hellenic-products.com is a portal for the registration and promotion of Greek product and service units.  The financial crisis in Greece in recent years has made the day-to-day running of businesses very difficult. On the other hand, several reports of economics universities in the last two years have shown that the demand for Greek products in both the domestic and overseas markets is constantly increasing. In this context, hellenic-products.com is here to support and enhance the extroversion of Greek businesses that aim to grow both domestically and internationally.

By offering this digital space we want to help maintain the international reputation of Greek products as well as create new contacts and commercial partnerships.  

 Our aim is to’marry’supply and demand, thus contributing to the further promotion of the Greece Branding and, in particular, the Greek Province.

Our vision is to create an electronic network (cluster) of Greek Export Businesses with a focus on the Region and aiming at direct contact and constant presence in target markets.

In this way they will thrive on new collaborations while at the same time members of the network will enjoy the benefits of projection and promoting their products through various extroversion actions.

With deep faith and appreciation in Greek Entrepreneurship

We say YES to Extraversion !!!

We say YES to the communication and promotion of Greek products and services worldwide!!!